quality break lever

Meant brake lever too early I guess.

Is there a company that makes a higher quality brake and clutch lever?? Went into a sandy turn this weekend and another guy and I hit, fell and lever curled up like a noddle. The reason I ask is the wreck wasn't that hard bascially bike fell over.

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A cheap lever would have snapped off. Tipovers put a great amount of force on levers. You might be able to carefully straighten your curled lever. It's a good idea to keep spare levers on hand, either stock or aftermarket forged.

The stock YZ lever can be easily straightened, even in the most brutal way, and not break. I once straightened mine with two large rocks, but you might try a bench vise.

Moose makes a good replacement lever, and as soon as you buy one you are virtually guaranteed not to bend or break the stocker.

BTW the levers on my KX would snap like a twig in a good fall.

Good to know. My wifes little 225 had the exact same thing happen ( not a mx bike I know) Dangerous corner for my family . :)

Thanks for the info

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ARC makes a "double jointed" lever that bends out when you tip over. This will help solve your problem. Put teflon tape on your perch/bar interface so it can rotate (don't tighten the perches too tight on the bars) and you will be covered for most falls.

Mike do they have a web site???

The stock levers are very good. I've bent mine back 2 or 3 times and just keep a spare.

You can check for one that is just like the ARC lever. I couldn't find the site for ARC. www.asv-usa.com

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First off, you can heat up the lever with torches and bend it back strait for a spare. Secondly, I think you should buy a new lever, just a decent one. Lastly, buy some aluminum reinforced hand gaurds, ever since I put on my first pair, I haven't ever bent a lever.

Just my 2cents.



Pretty clear ASV and ARC are going to be in a patent fight...

During a recent race day practice, a guy came around my left side and clipped my clutch lever...bending it forward. I didn't realize it was bent until the next corner and used the clutch. As any rider knows, you get an instinct of where the lever postion is where the clutch begins to engage....well...I began to feed the clutch and nearly fell on my side. Once I realized what had happened, I finished practice and went to my truck to see what I could do. The fix was simple. I simply wrapped a shop towel around the lever, put a 19mm socket between the lever and grip...and put a 27mm box end wrench over the lever and bent it back to shape. Actually, I left a little bit of a forward bend in it to give a slight more clutch leverage. This is better than stock....plus the bend fits my fingers better.

Boit, do you think one of those ASV/ARC levers would have not been damaged by the guy who clipped you? I was thinking of getting one after I munch my stocker.

Mike: That ARC lever would have pivoted forward and never bent. I might eventually get that setup, but at the moment I have spare levers in my tool box. Might as well use them first.

AFAIK, the ARC/ASV are only available for the clutch, not brake.

Originally posted by Scott F:

AFAIK, the ARC/ASV are only available for the clutch, not brake.

Yeah, too bad. But you know, since the brake already has a pivot, I bet someone could make one. I have a friend who has a machine shop and I may look into it. Thanks Scott

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Guys I am going for the after mkt. clutch. Will let you folks know my opinion, as if it matters, but what the hell. I do hope that a brake lever comes available also.

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Remember, it's much better(cheaper) to bend a lever than break a master cyl. Try running two wraps of teflon plumbers tape under the perches and just snug the bolts so the lever will move on impact.

one trick is to put a little teflon tape on the bar (under the clamping portion of the perch and tighten your perches just enough so that the perch and lever rotate in a crash. You would be surprised how many levers this will save. I put a honda clutch perch on my yz250 for this reason. I came with a teflon sleeve to allow it to rotate in a crash. Blue locktite the bolts on the perch since they must be left looser than normal. Has worked for years. You can also drill a hole in the lever about 1 inch from the ball end. A 1/4 in hole will cause the lever to fail at this point in a crash. You can ride the rest of day!

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