Advice on a purchase requested!

Hi all!

I've been lurking around the various forums here for awhile as I pondered moving from the sport bikes I have ridden all of my life to a dual/sm/motard-ish bike. I finally settled on searching for an aluminum framed wr450f that I could plate and came across a specimen that I wanted to get some of your experienced opinions on. Thank you, I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer!


2008 WR450, 2000 miles

-Converted with a Baja Designs kit right out of the box

-17" DNA wheels (5"rear, 3.5" front)

-New Pirelli MT60s

-Uncorked and all free mods

-Leo Vince muffler


-Trail Tech Vapor Computer

-GYTR AIS Blockoff

-No Toil Air Filter

-YZ Exhaust cam

-Cycra Supermoto Front Fender

-Factory piston engine

-3.6 gal Clark tank

-extremely clean, professionally maintained, not a scratch on it

Again, thank you for any insight you might have for me and thank you for a great forum filled with TONS more information than a noob like me can comprehend! :p


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I'm not into motard bikes, but it seems like waayy to much money. The book value is probably around 4k and the mods might be worth another 1k to someone. I have an 07 (same bike), bought with 3-400mi. with most everything that bike has except the wheels. Paid 4700 yrs. ago. Last year you could buy that bike for 5800 OTD new around here.

Thank you, desertlover. I know that I can do most of the mods myself, but some of them (rejetting etc) will have to be done by a shop so I am trying to see how much value is in the work already completed. That said, the price seems high to me too.

Price does seem high all things considered.

'Bout $1k too high in my estimation.


Thanks, Mike and YL. I have ridden this thing and it put a smile on my face ten miles wide so wanted to see if the price is right. I had never been on any dirt bike before then so it was a blast.

I am leaning towards looking for a solid used or new one to build myself but I am concerned about my mechanical skill/tool set limitations. The costs involved if I don't have everything I need or get to something I am not comfortable with concern me. I am mechanically inclined, but have only done minor work on my current sport bike so not sure if I can tackle the task.

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