Rear Wheel Bearings

Replaced rear wheel bearings last night in about 1/2 hour using advice from forum, Thanks!

Of note: I bought new bearings from CBR Bearing Company (

The guy who takes orders owns a WR. Rear bearings where $42.50 shipped with seals. They have plenty in stock.

I did not heat the hub and bearings came out with a long punch that tapered to a round flat tip. I put new bearings in freezer for 1/2 hour and they went in fairly easy. I used 2 small pieces of PVC that fit onto outer race to drive them in.

Thanks again to forum!


Hey Keith, off the subject; I saw in another post that you ride the ECEA series. I built a '99 400 over the winter to ride that series also. If you could hook me up with any pointers, I would really appreciate it. I'm coming off of a XR 400, so I'm not quite sure what to expect out of the YZ. Here's a brief list of mods. so far:

FMF exhaust front to back

48 pilot

180 main

E-line coil(12 oz. to flywheel)

52 rear sprocket

18" rear wheel

W.E.R. suspension and damper

IMS 3.2 gal tank

The bike rips around my neighborhood! But I'm taking it down to Lebanon SP this weekend for its maiden voyage. Anyhow, keep in touch, maybe we could hook up and ride sometime? I'm up in Northwest Jersey. Later!


Hey Adam,

I also have a '99 YZ. Our set-up sounds similar. I went with 178MJ with DVP needle, seemed to give more punch off low end. I have 12 oz. flywheel weight with 13:49 gearing: good low end grunt without stalling and low 1st gear comes in handy for some tight stuff. Standard enduro add-ons: bark busters / skid plate / trimmed bars / Clark tank, etc.

I too came off a Honda. I owned a series of XR600's (3 total '87,'91,'94) and can tell you will love the YZ for ECEA enduros. I was fond of the Honda's reliability but would not go back! I ride with another guy from Maryland on a '01 WR250. We are both B riders in our mid thirties and ride more for fun and addiction now vs. competition. We are probably going to enter the Stump Jumper or Pine Hill to start the season. I am hoping to hit about 5-6 events this year including Delaware which I believe is returning to a National event. I would love to come to Jersey and ride as we our very limited here in Maryland to small private areas. E-mail me and maybe we could hook-up. BTW, we are considering joining Tower City in PA. as well.


wonder if u cud give me some advice..... the e-line generator,, is it all housed in the cover? does it have the same effect as a fly wheel wieght? and would it be easy to switch back and forth from the e-line to a normal case cover?

Hey Keith,

thanks for the reply. I took the bike out last weekend and you could not be more right. The thing is incredible! Everywhere,from the tight stuff to the wide open whoops! Anyone who says the YZ is not a good off-road bike is out of their mind. Anyhow, I just prepped it for the Curly Fern this weekend. I'm running B 4-stroke this year. I'll definitely be at the Stumpjumper but I have to work Pine Hill because I'm a member of CJCR. I'll e-mail you when I get a chance and we'll talk about a trail ride up here. We have a real good mix of terrain to trail ride, as long as you have your bike tagged.


The e-line coil is a really sano unit. Everthing is housed inside the cover they give you and it takes no more than 15 minutes to install the assembly. The magnetic rotor bolts to the outside of the stock flywheel, so it adds 12 oz. just like a weight would. If you wanted to switch back and forth with the stock set-up it probably would not take more than 20 mins. or less. E-line has a kit they sell for $670 US and it includes:the coil, headlite, taillite, regulator, harness and a 3.2 gal. IMS tank. The coil alone is $490. I made my own lighting system with some parts from Baja Designs and the light is very bright. Night rides are gonna be a blast! Hope this helps!


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