09 practice bike,2010 for race bike? Are they to different?

With having all the 08s and 09 I dont want to buy two 2010s. I always have one race only bike. Is the feel just way off between say 09 and 10? I want to have my 09 for main practice bike and just have the 10 for race day. What ya think. Im really trying to justify buying a 2010 and not going suzuki

Fwiw, it's hard to tell someone to go and spend $$ that isn't theirs on more stuff than they want to spend it on. So, if you're set on having a '09 for practice and '10 for racing, don't let me stop you. I'm assuming that you're getting the newer bike for contingency reasons as an '09 should still be competitive.

IMO, if you're going to use two bikes, practice on the same year/model/modded bike as what you race. Just as in any sport, muscle memory is important, as is the confidence that you build knowing that how one bike performs in practice will be the same as the way the one you race does. Fwiw, practicing "a bit" on the race bike helps to get a feel for any differences between the two even if they're built similarly. What I would not do is get too used to the '09 during practice and not get much seat time on the '10 before racing. You don't want to be figuring out what the race bike is doing during a race. Not having complete focus = going slower, and I'm sure that's not the result that you want.

Hope that makes sense.

I completely understand. I have a track behind my house that i can ride daily I just dont want to beat on the 10. like my 09 is my race bike now and my 08s both have over 200 hours and they just feel ragged. I maintain them but noting like fresh suspension, and everything nice and tight feeling on the line. I really just want a new bike and FI. I just dont want 2. I want this to be my race bike for 2 years. im sick of buying new bikes every year. I waited all of 2010 for a leftover 10. I just dont want it to be wayyyyy different.

Personally, I think any time spent on any bike helps, it doesn't have be the exact same bike as you are racing. A good rider can adapt to different bikes easily. This year I used an 02 YZ125 as a practice bike, and used a 250F and a 450F as race bikes. Obviously the 125 is nothing like the four strokes, but it noticeably helped my speed on the four strokes. I think you will be fine using an 09 as a practice bike.

Thanks KJ I respect your opinion I know you take racing serious as do I. Thanks man

Ride time is ride time. If you can afford two bikes and one is going to be pristine (relatively speaking) for the big day then I'd get whatever your budget affords.

It won't be waaaayyy different but there is obviously a difference. But that difference is not as bad as riding vs not riding while waiting for replacement parts.

Everyone is different. Two anecdotes that may apply here are these:

One member here wrote that he had trouble getting used to his 2010, finding it different, but not really any faster, and even felt somewhat awkward and dissatisfied on the bike while he was riding both his '10 and his '08(?) concurrently. Finally, he decided to stop riding the '08 and focus on the new bike. Everything came together for him as he shed the old habits that were specific to the old bike and learned the new one more thoroughly. Now, he can still ride the older one, but he finds the new one much more competitive.

There's a lot to be said for practicing on your race bike, or one just like it. Back in the day, I raced local TT races, and we had two tracks; one big and fast, and one that was smaller. At the small track, I rode a BSA Goldstar that I never rode anywhere else, and that I never really blended with that well. On day, it broke in practice, and I pulled my personal play bike, a BSA Victor B50MX off the truck and rode it. Where I had been placing second to fifth on the Goldstar, I won going away on the less powerful B50 because I knew it like an old girlfriend, and felt totally comfortable going fast on it. I rode it at that track every race after that, and was never beaten there again.

Some people are like that, some people can ride anything on a given day and adapt to it. It ends up being up to you.

I'm a local pro on an 09, and have a couple buddies with the 10's. I ride the 10's unlike I ride any other bike. I corner, whip andd scrub way different. The new bikes feel different and require a different riding style. Sell your 08's and 09 and get 2 10's.

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