Edelbrock Quicksilver Carb

I had an edelbrock carb on my XR400 and it helped ALOT...everywhere in the powerband!

But that was on an XR (which have crap carbs stock)...the YZ426 has a Keihin FCR carb which is probably (if not the best) carb out right now for 4 strokes (that is why everyone else uses them: KTM, DRZ, CRF, etc)! The edelbrock "pumper series" im sure would help (especially if you ride at elevations..because it automatically adust to diff elevations...the jetting is simple to change also due to the needle adjuster on the top of the carb) would give a liitle performance gain...but $500 bucks for another carb that wont help much?!? Doesnt sound like to good of an idea to me! Just my $.02



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Plus, it doesn't have TPS.

Thanks for the info. I saw that Goldenwest Cycle had them for the 400 for $300.00. What is most appealing to me is the ease of tuning and their claim that elevation changes are automatically compensated for. Here in Utah we can go from 4000 ft. to 10,000 feet in one ride so it could have it's advantages. What effect would not having the TPS have?

If you disconnect the TPS on your harness you will get an idea what the effect is.

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