01 YZ426 Not running right! Help!

Hey Guys,

I just picked up an 01 YZ426 a few days ago. I'm having a few issues with it so far. The bike has a K&N intake and a Dr. D full exhaust. When the bike is running it makes loud popping noises and short flames come out of the exhaust. Usually the popping will go away for a bit but after riding some it comes back and the bike will get to the point where it wont idle on it's own anymore. I'm not really sure what the jetting is on it yet as I have not pulled apart the carb. I live in Arizona the elevation is just under 1300 ft and the average temperature here is about 80 to 90 degrees. Any suggestions on jetting or tuning would greatly be appreciated.


I would start with tearing carb apart and cleaning it thoroughly.

Okay so I completely drained the gas out of the bike since I wasnt sure how old it was and the guy I bought it from said it had been sitting for a long time. I then pulled the carb, cleaned it out, pulled the jets, cleaned those out. Cleaned out the air box and filter. Put everything back together and loaded her up with some fresh gas. Took about 6 kicks to fire up the first time. I turned the fuel screw about 2 turns out and tweaked the idle a bit. No popping at all now. Problems seems to be fixed!

good to hear! :p

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