2010 Glowing Header

So I changed my oil and installed a new skid plate. But while I was warming up the motor prior to the oil change,(mind you my garage is poorly lighted and fairly dark) I noticed the header was glowing red hot while idling. Is this normal, I checked my coolant levels later to make sure it wasn't just my engine getting hot, I just figure this is normal, but never seen a pipe get that red hot.

Skid Plate Note: This works connection skid plate lines up really well, and is pretty much a custom fit, minus one thing. It covers the oil drain bolt under the transmission, even though it claims it doesn't block any oil drain access, hence why I was suddenly doing an oil change before finishing the install.

Also noticed my coolant is blue, honestly never seen that before, and it doesn't look very pure, like distortions or something in it.

Are you in the dark when this happens or in the light?

You probably could see it if you did a night ride, but as for in the daytime mine has not been actually glowing hot as in cherry red.

That usually indicates a lean condition if I remember correctly. Do you have an aftermarket exhaust? Have you made any jetting changes?

Bikes fuel injected, for bikes with carbs like the 09 or earlier, glowing headers are perfectly normal, check the FAQ.

Just not to sure on fuel injected deals. I know mine doesn't glow in the daylight at all, but if his is bright cherry red then there is a problem.

I have the same whit my bike. As soon as you turn of the idel it goes back to normal again.

//Charlie Sweden

Do you think it is because I still had the cold start pulled out? And it was fairly dark in my garage, but it glowed brighter than I expected. Guess I should try again and shut that knob and see what happens.

This is common. Is the 2010 pipe titanium ? This is even more common with Ti pipes b/c they are able to be made very thin.

Probably normal I wouldn't worry about it too much and yes WC skid adds a little fun to oil changes :p

Your coolant was blue because it was probably " Engine Ice " which is Blue > thats all I was ever told to use

Your coolant was blue because it was probably " Engine Ice " which is Blue > thats all I was ever told to use

Not sure mine is blue too from the dealer and I doubt those cheapOs would put ice in them. I'm assuming its some new yammy coolant. Seems quality I guess I'll need to find out so I can get some.

This again? YZF's have been freaking people out with glowing exhaust pipes for 12 years. It's totally normal. "Do not adjust your TV set". You won't see it in daylight, normally but in open twilight or medium dim indoor lighting, you can. It doesn't mean it's lean, and it doesn't mean it's timed wrong, or anything else bad. All it means is the exhuast pipe is running around 800 ℉. That's the result of the aggressive cam timing these bikes run.

Don't try to fix it, and of course, don't touch it. :p


love that picture... have not seen it in a while....

I believe Honda HP coolant is blue so if your dealer sells Hondas they may be using that during the setup.

my dealer yammy and triumph no hondas here. I'm gonna ask and get some this weekend when I stop by in case I need to add some sometime. Although I didn't see any on their shelf but its gotta be some new yammy coolant unless they are putting engine ice in them but I doubt it.

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