Ding Dong my xr650r is LEGAL

Finally, got it legal. So who wants to go riding?

This thing is really a awesome bike. I have not tested the top speed or anything, but it has alot of power even in fifth gear. Can't wait to ride it some more.

After 80 miles, my ass hurts. It was funny seeing the faces of kids as I kickstarted the xr650r to life at the gas station :)

I noticed that around 80mph, the xr is buzzy at the handlebars. And it seems to need a steering damper? Any slight movement made the bike twitch the front end.

What is the gas mile range on the stock gas tank? 100miles?

I have the pro taper cr hi bars. Anyone have these bars, how do you like them. I like how they look, but it seemed with the stock handlebars I could toss the xr around better. Anyone?

Where do you live, we have a group that goes riding all the time. We were out in Johnson Valley last week (Mojave Desert) and had a chance to open her up full out in fifth. It was beautiful, two pigs racing across the dry lake at 100mph. No shaking or handling problems at all. I can hardly wait to do it again.

Man, I envy your location :)

I am in Maryland. Hopefully Ill hook up with some thumpertalk riders and do a dual sport ride :D

Scorch, it's tons of fun on the street aint it? Hell yeah! And I know what you mean about the kids at the gas station staring.. Happens all the time! haha.

With the bike uncorked/powered up, you can figure right at 100mph top speed on the road. Anything over 65 is buzzy, but a quick blast up to top speed is no prob.

You can figure about 50 miles until you hit reserve. I don't know how long she'll go on reserve never tried it.

Anyway enjoy it on the street! And also you can smoke the crap out of anyone who wants some! :)

For your bike you can get some different sprockets so you have a higher top end speed ... this will help it not be so buzzy at speed.. But you sacrifice your low end and you may have to clutch it more in the tight woods and junk.. But with a 650 you should be able to lug through anything..

My DRZ400 gets a good 80 miles when just riding street without ever touching the reserve. When it mix in some woods and trails it goes down to probably 50 or 60..

Where in Maryland are you again???

Hey scorch

I'm glad you finally got that thing legal. This is probably the smoothest dirt bike I have ever ridden at speed. You are just used to that big inline four. The XR is never gonna be that smooth. :D

I can get nearly 100 miles on the stock tank IF the ride is mostly open where I am in the higher gears all the time.

When things tighten up I have hit reserve at 40 miles. :)

Do me a favor and tell me the steps you went through to get the BRP legal. I also live in Maryland (Charles County) and was looking into the many street legal kits, but was not sure how strict Maryland was with the regs. :)

If you change your sprockets it will help a lot. I'm running a 15/47 combo and it hauls butt. I still have plenty of power the the hills. Heres my bike with the UFO tail lights



Here is my bike.

What I did was Order the Electrex kit. I installed it myself. The shop quoted me over 300$ to install it.

It was pretty simple, but it took a while for me, since im not wrench monkey.

I needed to add reflectors, Front and rear. You need red reflectors on each side of the rear bike, yellow reflector in the front of the bike.

You need mirrors, but the ones I bought are absolutely useless. Im going to get helmet mirrors, maybe those are better.

You need a high beam, a high beam indicator.. You know the usual dual sport kit stuff.

DOT tires. I got a mt21 rear, and dunlop 606 front.

You need a speedo, I used my Gps. I think it really depends on the guy inspecting the bike. He might not let that pass.

After I got the inspection sticker, I took that to the mva. You need a bill of sale and tittle. Then just the exact same thing for cars etc.. Get tags and tittle. They did not say anything, It took about 2 hours in line, as soon it was my turn it took 5 minutes to get the tags. :)

More desert, where did you get those rims?

I love the sound of my exhaust. But its loud, and it might get me in trouble with the man riding where Im not sopposed to. I heard there is an exhaust in which you can raise and lower the DB raitings on it? Maybe it was White brothers?


The White Bro's pipe is sweep. It's like the Super Trap where you can add and remove disc's. Thats what I'm running on my bike.

The rims are Excel and I spoked them myself. I bent the crap out of the stock ones getting ready for the Baja 1000 last year.

I have a couple more pic's of my XR on my web page moredesert.com I did the whole dual sport thing myself and cost about $250. I added a Trail tec speedometer and made a custom bracket to mount it over my steering damper. I got the idea from a fellow TT'er who posted a picture sometime ago.

Thanks for the info. :)

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