OT: Spank the Monkey!

My wife enjoyed spanking the monkey with me :):D

My personal best so far is 245 MPH. :) Now that's gotta hurt! :D

haha 290 mph ouch

Hit 504 mph once, can't seem to hit that monkey any harder. The music makes it even better! :)

I made it to 477 mph.

But as far as spanking the monkey goes, thats not a personal best... :)

243.... :)

What is the trick? I changed my speed on my control panel for my mouse?!?!?!

Maybe it just takes me longer to spank the monkey?


yea, your just a slow monkey spanker Brandon. lol

Heres 2 tricks I found... grab the hand and take it as far right as you can. Then stroke it (er,.. I mean move it) to the left fast! That helps get some speed up.

Also, spank your monkey in the face. :D

I think it gives you more MPH. :)

I spanked it at 419 :D :D

Smoke :)

I don't know....I only hit 273 mph and I've been spankin' the monkey for years !!! (The game I mean...) LMAO :)

Yes it's true! After a days rest I spanked it again at 785 :):D

Smoke :D

How are you guys getting these nearly 800mph spanks. I even changed the speed and acceleration of my mouse and best I could do was 570mph. Guess Im just not a proffesional spanker then :).

Thanx Smoke!! Just spanked it at 848!! :)

617 mph for me, don't ask me how

525mph.........then had to have a cigarette!

I would like to think that it's not how FAST you spank the monkey, but how WELL. :)

That said, I'm a slow spanker at 256 MPH. :D

I would like to think that it's not how FAST you spank the monkey, but how WELL. :)

I wasnt sure there would be any real knowledge gained from this thread until cyclenut comes along with his ghandi like wisdom. :D :D :D

:D I can't spank the monkey at work but at home I was in the 500mph range :)

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