Psi Carb Jetless

I was just wondering if any of you have tried the jetless carb from psi. If you have no idea what i am talking about go to and check out the genisis jet carb for dirt bikes. It totally adjustable externally.



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I tried the link and just got a blank screen. At any rate, before I would spend the bucks on a new carb, I would research it enough to feel comfortable that this carb would fit, perform, and evliver as expected. What first comes to mind is whether it hooks up to the TPS terminal?

I have used one on a 00 YZ250. At first I was impressed. Very quick throttle response off Idle and throttle position seemed very linear with a strong top end gain. Throttle would stick and others have reported the same. Tried it on a 01 CR250 and never got it to work properly. Support from PSI was very poor as I attempted to set the carb up for the Honda. Could not get the right slide/needle combo from PSI so I gave up. If somebody wants one.. make me an offer.



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