Breeze Air Filter Box FULL OF GAS?!


So I pull out the 2001 Yamaha Breeze ATV to get it ready to ride early next week and it won't start....that's odd, it ran great when I put it up about 2 months ago. Doesn't even try to start....engine is turning over just fine but it won't fire up. So I push it into the garage and decide to try it later.

Well, I try it again this evening and same start. So I decide to pull the air filter cover off the airbox and behold there's like 4" of gas sitting in there!! How'd that happen??? It wouldn't start because it had 0 air due to all the gas trapping the air from the engine. After pulling out the air filter and getting rid of all the gas sitting in the airbox, it fires right up no problem.

Anyone got any thoughts on how that much gas got in the airbox?? Obviously it backed-up through the carb, but even that's odd because the ATV has been sitting level and the carb even tilts ever-so-slightly toward the engine....

I'm at a loss? Ideas?

I would guess that your carb float is stuck open, so it is feeding to much gas to the intake. Normally when that happens, the excess will go out the carb drain, but maybe your is drain is clogged as well.

When quads sit for more than a short time, the gas goes bad and starts gumming things up!

ya thats realistically the only thing that could have happened... your float needle doesn't create a good seal in the carb and gas keeps flowing.

easy my opinion.

Did you forget to turn off the fuel valve, while the quad was in storage? Might just be a small float misadjustment that you could have lived with under normal conditions, but sitting there for 2 long months.....

Find the vent line on your carb, and be sure it isn't clogged. The excess fuel should have harmlessly flowed out the vent, which is the usual sign that you have a stuck float (fuel pouring out under the engine). When it happens to me, I take the bike out and land a few big jumps. That jars the float and will loosen a bit of grit that might be sticking in the needle valve. This has worked for me quite a few times!

Thanks for all the feedback. Stuck float makes sense...I'm usually really good about turning off the fuel, but I may have forgotten. I've never seen 3-4 inches of fuel sitting in their, but I guess that's what happened. In any case, I cleaned it up, re-oiled the filter (UNI), reinstalled it and she started right up. A lot of black smoke came out for a few minutes....I'm guessing that's all the fuel that loaded up in the cylinder.

Don't ride it without changing the oil! No doubt, if there was enough gas to fill the airbox, it also went down the intake into the combustion chamber, seeped past the rings, and into the oil sump. Change your oil just to be safe!!!

The black smoke was probably fuel that got past a valve and into the exhaust.

Hey guys - Have the same problem again! I went ahead and pulled the carb....she was clean inside, only issue was that the choke slide was almost "welded" into the carb....finally got it out...there was a ton of crud and what looked like rust in there holding in tight. I wonder if this had anything to do with the gas leaking?? The rest of the carb looked fine, but I cleaned it anyway.

There's gas just pouring out the overflow tube even when the Breeze is running. I have to start it with the fuel petcock "off" or it won't start....then when it starts I turn the petcock to "on" and even though it runs fine, it's leaking out gas like crazy!! You still think this is the float needle?? Anyway to fix it or should I just buy a new float needle??? Thanks. Steven

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