looking for a fast sport atv for cheap

I am looking for a fast! sport quad but not really trying to spend too much more than around 1500 and not really concerned what year it is as long as it looks pretty good n runs good. What do you suggest i look for or should get? I am around 6' 2 or 3 and 200lbs


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The Honda and Suzuki 400's and the Raptor 700 are best if you are a trail rider. All have good handling and good suspension. The Honda is the slowest but has an engine that will run trouble free for years and years. The Suzuki is faster, but I never liked mine because it alway jumped nose low. The Raptor is a torque monster, but falls a little flat on the top end. Raptor is a little bigger, so it might fit a big guy better.

The 450's are a step up from the trail quads in terms of speed, handling, etc. Keep in mind however that they are higher maintenance and will need more frequent oil changes, valve adjustments, and rebuilds. These engines like to rev, so I don't like any them at all as tight technical trail quads. I like the Honda for open desert, and the Yamaha for fast trails, jumping, and play riding (informal MX).

What can you get for just $1,500??? Can't say what things are like in your area, but you may find someone desperate for a sale and get lucky. I would say that an inexpensive 450 is more likely to have a spent engine, than one of the trail quads.

My 400EX is 10+ years old now and still going strong, and it is by far the best all-around machine I have ever owned!!!

thanks man, my brother actually just got a 400ex n its sweet, so thanks for the help

What do you think about the raptor 350?

a raptor 350 is cheap and there still really fast. there great

What do you think about the raptor 350?


a 700 raptor will be more around 3-4grand. a 400ex would be your best choice in your price range. I wouldnt call them fast, but fast enough to have fun on. I own a 400ex and a raptor 700.

oh ya, get a 400ex over a 350 raptor.

thanks for the help, does anyone know how much faster the 400ex is than the 350 raptor?

faster, haha

i think the stock 400 tops out at 60

I have a mild built 400ex that will beat most 450's and 700's in a drag race. 426cc, 41mm FCR carb, polish and ported head, 11:1 compression, Sparks regular core exhaust, stage two cam and thats about it.

400EX is the only way to go if you want to only spend 1500 or so.

Don't get a 350 raptor, there is no aftermarket support for them like there is for the 400ex, suzuki/kawasaki/arctic cat 400's. So in my opinion it is worth it to get the 400's weather it the honda or the suzuki based bikes all great bike in my opinion.

For 1500 you can get a nice warrior or a beat 400ex. Raptor 350's are still lingering a little higher in price. Idk why you guys hate on the warriors so much their great reliable quads and I'd say they have a pretty decent aftermarket. Plus i never had a problem with 400ex running away in a race.

Do not get a 350 warrior/raptor. Those things are turds on wheels. And if you want fast AND cheap, then get a banshee or a 400ex. The banshee is very cheap, but it's hard to find one that hasn't been opened up and possibly ruined. The 400ex is solid, but that doesn't mean that you can ride it hard and not take care of it.

If money is a long term issue then you might want to invest in a different sport. After you get the quad you'll need gear, oil, filters, gas, and whatever breaks while you're riding. This is not a cheap sport to get into.

I'm not trying to turn you away from this sport, i'm just letting you know that these things are going to happen

Stock 400ex has to top out at a little more than 60. Considering my 250x goes 52. Anyway I rode a raptor 350 and hated it, really just didnt feel good was top heavy and not quick at all. 400 for sure

400 for sure!

400EX will do 65 if you measured the rear wheel speed with a radar gun or something like that while of a dyno (with no load). Realistically, It probably does 59-63 depending on your weight.

why do you guys think the warrior/raptor 350 is so bad? There is plenty of aftermarket and i have yet to have a problem with my warrior.

when they redisigned the warrior and made it the raptor they did a total shit job. its top heavy and the front/rear balance is off, plus its just plain heavy

oh yeah, it being a yamaha could have something to do with it

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