2006 450 gone bad

the other day at the track i knew something didnt feel quiet right. went over this jump and the bike started to sound like it was bogging out as if it were going to die. but didnt, it had absoultly no power at all , was making a very loud clicking from the motor sounded like the piston was constantly tapping. it had no low end or top end power. need some advice on what i need to buy to fix this problem so i can get rid of it. please someone let me know what you think.:p

Before you freak out entirely, have a look at the carb. See if it's still solidly clamped into the mounting sleeve. Carbs have been known to rock down out of place and dislodge themselves on hard landings. Not too likely, but it's worth looking at.

Failing that, check your cam timing.

Well unfortunately your going to have to open her up and take a look. How many hours are on the bike?

it has about 25hrs on it..at this point im thinking something inside may have bent? i havent got the time to take it apart yet but i did take off the valve cover and nothing looked offset. when i push down my kick start it does fineup untill i do it about four or five time then it will stop and wont want to move so i have to like bang it a couple time to get it to just want to crank over/ let me know if you have any ideas about what could have bent please guy...thanks!

Listen to Gray & check timing. New timing chain $16, timing chain tensioner $50.

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