db. level of uncorked wr 450 pipe?

Has anybody had a db. test done on their wr 450 with the uncorked stock pipe with no inserts. I am about to drop the coin on a pipe and want to know that it will be a significant differance in noise. Right now I am leaning towards the Thunder Alley pipe. I talked to Bob there and he claims 98 db. on their pipe. I believe the stock pipe is a lot ouder than that but want to be sure before sending the $$$ off.


When Lynn at Pro Moto Billet tested my WR450 it tested at 103db, uncorked. 94db with the PMB insert. Good luck!

I guarantee that the thunder alley is way over 98 db. he told me the same thing, 98-100 db. Trust me get his 96 db. pipe. I havent heard that one yet but im getting it. the regular one is alot louder than an uncorked stock.


ddialogue is right ! when I had my stock un-dorked pipe on

it tested at 102 db I loaned it to a guy that was going to

do a pokerrun with his YZ426 he needed the spark arrestor.

He didnt want to use the small WR insert,so he made his own

out of a piece of 90 degree bend pipe and drilled a hole in

the side so it could be held in by the stock screw.

This pushed the sound straight down instead of out.

Needless to say when he was tested he passed no problem,

And his bike wasn't all choked up,just abit with the WR pipe.

Mine tested at 104db uncorked.With the baja insert i tested at 93db.I know heckler has a TA pipe in the for sale section.It's ceramic coated and has the 96db insert and a couple other endcaps.Check it out.

I am real happy with the ceramic coated 96 db & sparky Thunder Alley pipe. never tested but I know the insert could be easily modified to quiet the bike down if it tests at 97 db. It sounds pretty close to 96 db to me. I can change my end cap to no insert on this pipe but the noise level is well over 100 db.

Can anyone confirm that the TA YZ pipe is the same as their WR pipe? If it is then I am going to buy Heckler's pipe from him. I am just concerned that the pipe he has, being made for the YZ is more of a top end pipe.


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