Daytona SX

It looks like ESPN2 is not showing Daytona, is it showing on a network or pay per view?

I was looking for it too!! The only thing I found was on and it will be televised next Saturday on ESPN2.

I thought at the beginning of the season they said it was going to be televised live. Oh well...have to wait til next weekend.


Just got back from Daytona, (I wrench for a rider) and I want to tell you that Ferry was on the gas!!! He hauled ass in his qualifier until he bailed, and still went right to the main. His holeshots were unbelievable...huge starts! My rider was lined up close to him.

Carmichael won again!!! What's this world coming to!?? :)

I'm not positive but I think Daytona ia going to be shown by ABC.

I guess we can only listen to it today, go to

click on Listen to SX Live.

Cyclenews also has a text report on Virtual Grandstand.

I think the Daytona sx is going to be aired at 1 or 2 p.m. eastern time on Saturday the 17th.

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