yz426 hard to start. what should i do?

i just got another 426 this is my 2nd my first i bought new and never had any problems with it. but the new one that i just got is so damn hard to start from cold. when it warms up i dont even have to pull the hot start because it starts so easy when its warm. what should i do? could it be the valve's?

Well, it would be nice if you could tell us a bit more about what state of tune the bike is in.

Have you adjusted the fuel screw? Is the aircleaner clean?

Based on a very short description, I'd say it sounds like textbook valve clearance issues causing difficulty when cold.

where is the fuel screw is that the idle screw next to the hot start on the carb? and yes the airfilter is clean. ok what the bike dose step for step i go through the steps get the piston T.D.C. and kick it over some times it feels like i missed the kick its almost like its the there's no compression and then it will start on the next kick i dont know

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