My Mechanic is Awesome

took my forks to Randy (My mechanic)about 3-weeks ago with a leakey fork seal. I told him my Yamaha dealer didn't have them & they will have to order. He said, no problem Honda seals are better & I can get them today. Came back later that day after he had replaced the seal & put oil into it. Bad news he said, it seems to be leaking there is a small ding in it. Lets see if we can get a tube & I won't charge you for the work I did today. (it wasn't his fault I dinged it) After getting the wrong part from my dealer ordered & then getting the right one in I called him 11:30 today & asked if he had time. He was busy but said bring it in. By 6:00 he had it done, new tube ,oil in both, new seal & he said he was sorry. He had forgot to put in a washer the time before & said it wasn't profesional and he would not take any $$$ from me. WOW, I tried to pay but no go. I told him I will be back & thanked him. As long as he is in busness I will take my work to him.

[This message has been edited by Clod Thrower (edited 03-09-2001).]

You mean some people still have the quality of integrity? Go figure... :)

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