2001 yz 426 f is it the right bike for me?

So i am looking for a new bike for next years gp/xc season.

I currently race a 98 rm 250, I also owned a rmz 450 till a few months ago.

The rm is good but needs a little more bottom and traction. the rmz was great accept in tight woods, then it was a little to much.

Basicly I am looking for a happy medium. good power and torqe but not over kill like the 450.

Possably considering a nice used yz426f or a ktm 400 but the 426 is alot cheeper.

Well, I used to own a KTM 400SX and currently own a WR400. Honestly, I think the Yamahammer is a better bike. I thought the KTM was kinda soft with funky suspension, plus I thought reliability was less than stellar.

Why not bore you rm250 out to a 300?

I went from an 00 RM 250 to an 02 YZ 426. It was the right move for wide open desert, it was the wrong move for single track in the Pine's. The 426 was a great bike, but the power delivery (for me) was just a bit abrupt for my liking in rocky ST. Without the auto decomp mod done to the 426, it is a bit of a pain to kick when you stall it in the tight nasty! I sometimes wish I had the RM back. Personally I would race the RM one more season and save some more money (unless it is affordable this season), then get me an 07+ KTM 300 with the magical button or a nice newer WR, KTM, CRFX, KLX with the key being the button!

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My grammar/spelling was less than stellar, still is just better!

I have considered alot of options for electric start.

Thanks for the input. The rm would be my best bet for woods riding i think, i just wanted something with more traction fro GX racing and for some of our more open deasert XC races. odesa 100 ect.

The plus side of the 426 is its cheep and I wouldn't have to sell my rm to get it.

plus i only get like 50 miles out of my rm even with an oversized tank.

I started riding again on a 2001 YZ 426. That bike is like a crazy girlfriend. When the lovin' is good it is GREAT.....but when she goes psycho...look out!!!!

The 426 has unbelievable power. I put a Rekluse clutch on it to tame the power and to reduce stalls in the tight woods. My bike did not have the auto decompression and you had to get it to TDC, manually release the compression, and then kick like hell. In the tight stuff it was no fun to start.

But the upside is the 426 is still one bad azz bike for "go fast now". The drive train is bullet proof...if the previous two owners of this bike and me could not kill the engine or tranny....no one can. The carb can be a pain, but once we figured out the right jetting it slightly less psycho.

Good luck and I hope the lovin' is all good.

PS our nick name for the 426 is "Excalibur". Because if you can start it you get to be the King of England

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