just picked up 06 yz450f, ne1 with quick tuneup tips?

I just aquired a 2006 yz 45f 50th anv addition. It has under a 100hrs i was told, n accually talked to my parts guy at our local yamie dealer, n he says theres barly more the 50.. Guy bought it brand new n raced it half a season. everything is bone stock from factory.

but anywho i've road it bout 6 times now n the few real issues i have r i have to twist throttle twice to start cold, I heard guys say only twist the throttle when its runnin. 2 would be wut i'd call a hangin idle or it seems to have a high n low idle. I can make it idle down by lettin the clutch grab quick at idle. 3rd would be the clutch. I feel it should bite harder, seems soft but holds solid i'd say.

its the first bike i've owned myself n been bout 5 yrs sense i last rode. So i'm a lil rusty... the only things i've done r change oil n filter, topped off rads, and put a fuel mix screw in fer easy adj. Also when I try to set my rpms ta 1900 by ear, i have to turn the idle screw a bunch of times. plannin on a tac meeter in the future.

I'd greatly appreciate the feedback!! thanx

sounds like a good find!

You say you put and new fuel screw in......your idle down problem sounds lean. Tweak the fuel screw 1/4 turn and see what happens.

All of my YZF's have always cold started better with a twist or 2 of the throttle to give a prime squirt.

THAT BIKE IS SICK DUDE! I lowered my forks a bit in the trees.

Put in a new cam chain, cheap asurance espesially for an 08. You probley want to toss in a piston to, to be safe. If it has an aftermarket aluminum fuel screw, toss it in the trash. It will make your bike really hard to start and it wont run right.

Its been in da teens up north here so i havent done much more with it. I figure i need a dif jet set then stock, any recomendations? I've been readin through alot of threads n have a genral idea of wut i need to put this bike in da woods. def wanna sag the rear more, n lookin into how to do the front, metal rad gaurdsskidplate n replace plastic gaurds to metal. bark busters, lookin at a stage 3 coolin kit around $1200 tho!!!! i'm also curious bout the clutch n how the system works, any tips or tricks that I could use?

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