2004 WR450 won't fire - sat in storage five years

This is your problem. It runs terrible right from the factory. Don't second guess the decades of experience here on the forum. Unless you feeled compelled to go through a extremely long and frustrating learning curve.

Follow the sticky's at the top of the forum, and uncork and rejet.

thanks, I went riding this weekend on it, and you just flat can't get it tuned in smooth with the current jetting...nothing seemed to work for low throttle settings. I've got a JD kit on order, and will be uncorking the exhaust and doing the free mods....you all have been very helpful through this learning curve and it's REALLY appreciated! This bike is a beast, it's really too much for the single track we were doing yesterday (never got out of second).

I thought initially this may be a cheaper sport to be in than other forms of motorcycling....after my first day on the trail I would say that's not true. I'm sore, and need a few replacements because trees don't give all too well :thumbsup::blah:

If you are going to ride this bike any where near its potential, and based on the picture you first posted...you should (must) install a proper skid plate, bark busters and top quality rad guards. After that you may want to consider disc protectors and case protectors. Its an 04...I wouldn't bother with frame protectors...strictly cosmetic.

Oh yeah...since you say you are new to dirt biking....make sure you protect your body like you protect your bike. Do not ride this thing without ALL the protective gear...best $$ you'll ever spend!! This is a serious machine when opened up and ready to go.

Have a blast!

i will for sure need those parts you mentioned - i learned their necessity yesterday out on the trail!

part of the deal I got was buying all the gear that went with this bike...boots, helmet, google, three sets of gloves, chest protector, knee pads. I can say, without all that gear on, I would not be walking today...took a couple spills on the trail yesterday. you aren't kidding when you say this is a serious bike, it's flat mean, and will hurt me real quick if i don't give it respect. so far, i'm grinning ear to ear - but also limping a little today :thumbsup::blah:

it will be alot easier to ride when you get the jetting dialed in, you will be able to chug along or rip it up - your choice......no amount of jetting can hide the big pig feeling on the ST

it will be alot easier to ride when you get the jetting dialed in, you will be able to chug along or rip it up - your choice......no amount of jetting can hide the big pig feeling on the st

major understatement

I'm new to the WR450 this year too. It gets better each ride. I now load it when I'm tired because its on those "one last ride of the day" trips I keep getting hurt. I need lots of cardio.

I'm just now getting into a new to me used 04 as well.

I've not gone onto the carb, but will need to as it is not running very well (not to mention running gas out of the overflows with just the gas "On"). Not that my experience on an FCR upgrade on the CRFx will completely resolve the issues I'm going to encounter here, but I guess it'll help. ~ shrug ~

When it was running it was somewhat scarey. Even compared to my X it seems to pull exceptionally hard right off idle. ...about looped 'er out from a dead stop !

I am somewhat confused however. This is a CA RED STICKER bike with no AIS (or equivalent paraphernalia) and as such, what is (could there be) there to uncork ? ...of course being the third owner, all of this may be missing (previously removed) and may be "N/A" in my case.

Jet-wise... It had a 150 main in it. ...which seems small to me. I think I put a 172 (?) in my X. I put a 160 in it when I put it back together.

I'm not going to baseline the WR on my CRFx settings, and without knowing if a JD kit was previously installed, in CA desert, what seems to be the optimal jet combo on the WR ?

I know... It's probably here somewhere, but I'd rather school-up faster than my reading time permits.

Thanks all (in advance).

Read the Stickys at the top!!! Seriously, they have EVERYTHING you need Plus with no digging including a jetting chart that will get you right where you need to be.

Why do people just guess when it comes to jetting? No wonder top ends need to be rebuilt and pistons are needing to be replaced all the time!! All the info you could ever need is right there......takes less time than writing up the question. And the bike and your body will thank you for such a great running ride.

Or save it all and spend the $70 on a JD Jetting kit.

miweber: Thanks... I did go read it all.

....and believe it or not, it took much more time (hours longer) than the typing. ...but I did find the local area carb settings.

...and I wasn't guessing. Other may have/do, but I wasn't. I have a 450 with the FCR41 that is perfectly tweaked for the local conditions.

The fact I found a 150 main jet in the bike tells me something was wrong from the get-go unless it was being ridden primarily over 7K ft elevation.

My assumptions are still in question where I did not find an answer. If the bike is RED STICKERED, there should be no FREE MODs. ~ shrug ~

The other thing I was going to mention (which s more ON TOPIC) was the suggested use of either Lucas gas treatment or Marvin's Miracle oil as gas additives. Not for long term storage solution, but as regular maintenance (e.g. if you don't start/ride the bike for a few weeks). ...and at the end of the season here (we quit in June and don't ride again until October), simply drain the float bowl. The jets must take on a coating that resists the oxidation effects of the ethanol in the gas, because at the start of the season, after adding new gas, there are no jet oxidation symptoms. I use about an oz per tank every few tank fills.

a little update

Since I now knew the bike was fine I figured it was time to open things up a bit - so, cut down the throttle stop, put in a JD Jet Ket (168 main, blue needle in #4 groove), installed a gytr adjustable fuel screw, and pulled the pea shooter for a GYTR insert....

holy hell, this thing is gonna kill me. :busted::excuseme::busted:

I think I'll leave the timing (grey wire) stock for now - and also leave the air box all sealed up (seems safer for trail riding anyway). If i get bored with 3rd gear dirt power wheelies, while i've got my nuts on the tank, i'll start into the performance stuff a bit more.

Ordered scorpion racing skid plate and radiator guards, now to figure out the bark busters (either cycra or pro moto i think)

I also figured out how to use the search function (usefully) on this site - you see, there is so much here that when I would search "bark buster" or "cycra" i would get all sorts of stuff that wasn't relavent or only applied to new bikes (like when I was searching skid plates). Once I figured out to search for key words in the title of threads only it was like hitting the information jackpot....so, I may not have posted must the last week, but i've been on the site pretty much non stop :excuseme:

Glad to see your starting to have some fun...from my perspective, limping and grinning means you've found your "happy place" :excuseme:

You may want to consider opening up that air box since you've done the re-jetting. I believe they go hand in hand...ie since you're increasing the amount of fuel to the carb you should be increasing the airflow as well to keep things balanced (not running rich).

Enduro Engineering and Moose also make good bark busters.

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