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So the drive gear for the odometer broke on my WR450. I removed the drive gear ordered a new one and in the mean time installed an axle spacer and left the meter cable disconnected so I could continue riding. The new drive gear arrived, I installed it and went to reconnect the cable. Soon discovered that the internal drive cable had completely slipped out of the outer sheath while riding. Now I'm waiting for a new odometer cable...doh!

What did you use for an axle spacer exactly?

I'm debating removing all of that stuff as I just really don't care :p

because the odometer gear was wrecked, I salvaged the spacer from the gear.

I would also add that right side secondary bearing seal is formed by the odometer gear assembly. I would not suggest riding without it unless you get a YZ front hub that has a recess for the secondary seal. You would also need a proper YZ spacer.

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