2002 426

Has anyone heard any news on the 2002 426. The April issue of Dirt rider (page 23), has a small article of what is to come. Looks promising.

Originally posted by YZ426F1:

Has anyone heard any news on the 2002 426. The April issue of Dirt rider (page 23), has a small article of what is to come. Looks promising.

I just bought a new 01 and discussed it (2002) with the dealer, he wasn't even aware they were planning a 450.

YAMAHA TAKE MY ADVICE! (and the advice of ALLLLLLL other yzf owners) make it lighter please...ok i will quit talking to fictitional yamaha reps that spy on this board. ok ok ok, i dream about an alluminum frame, (like the CRF might have) all they haev to do is lighten the beast up! then they wont have to make it faster! because with each pound of weight you loose you gain approxomatly .8horsepower ( and that ratio goes up the lighter it gets) so if they shaved off even 10 lbs (about what it would take off if the frame were alluminum) then thats about 8 horsepower..i think i dunno its late..anyway give us (or take as they case may be) 10lbs off of the bike! that would rock. i must go dream about that alluminum frame...maybe ill look at the BBR website...he he lata.


I'll pass on the alluminum frame, That is why I rode a 96 CR until I pick up my first 400F in 99. Less weight is possible without an alluminum frame.. Look at KTM. I'll be throwing my leg over a Cannondale this spring and see how that alluminum frame rates. (A friend's Cannondale) Until someone proves to me they can build an alluminum frame with some flex and vibration absorbtion, I'll pass.


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**** the alloy frame.

they are no lighter than steel

ask ducati

you can't get rid of the heat-too much frame

you can't reach anything-too much frame

give us a std airbox the shape of the DSP at no extra charge.

give us a reprogrammed ignition the same as vortex-at no extra charge.

give us the correct cam timing as STANDARD. & of course at no extra charge!

redesign the frame for lighter & if necessary slightly twitchy steering. no extra charge.

125 PAJ std

220/230 MAJ std

basically, rejet the carb without the APJ & do what you should have done all along.

no extra charge.


well i have SOME good news, i know a guy on the "inside" at yamaha. and yes the 2002 WILL be a 450, AND the frame will be alluminum, but not like the cr's...this will feel the exact same as our bikes, BUT the frame wil be alluminum, but stronger...the claimed weight savings will be about 20 lbs. cant wait. im gettin one. lata.


An aluminum frame, huh? It wasn't that long ago in an interview in a dirt magazine that a Yamaha engineer was quoted as saying that Yamaha would NOT use aluminum as a frame material since they claimed that they could build a chromoly frame at the same weight with better flex and vibration properties. I believe this was the engineer who was mainly responsible for the development of the 250F.Was that a lie? Personally, I don't want those wide spars making it more difficult getting at the carb area...plus that harsh vibration of aluminum.

It could be a case of obfuscation, misdirection and disinformation. :) Perhaps they will copy the Rinaldi Euro aluminum frame. I don't care what they do if they can shed 10-20 pounds.

How about an automatic compression release so we can just kick away and not have to mess with the TDC drill! Every 426 rider loses the most time to their competition trying to do a restart, it's a big penalty to Yamaha riders!

Boit- I read something similar. They said there were no plans to go to an alum frame. I know from my experience on road and mountain bikes (bicycles), the chromally is much more forgiving to ride than alum no matter how many doo-dads they slap on them to make them more supple. Lighter yes, but way too rigid...

Bring on the '02 YZ465

It would be a large enough capacity to out gun the 520 KTM! Power is what we all want but not at the cost of added weight.Maybe a few more titanium parts in the engine, springs and other rotating pieces?

I can't see an alloy frame unless they change the complete YZ range and I don't think that they need to do that.I also feel that Aluminium frames transfer alot of Vibrations which cause rider fatigue.

Then again I really like the look of the BBR bikes,I'm sure they don't want alloy YZ's on the market.

Only my opinion :)

How about if they just added a hydraulic clutch, made oversized aluminum bars standard, contracted Hinson to supply the clutch basket/inner hub/pressure plate and included a removable S/A to name a few... I can live with the extra weight if it's still in my wallet! :) LOL


like a kid again!

00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

91 CR125

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with each pound of weight you loose you gain approxomatly .8horsepower ( and that ratio goes up the lighter it gets) so if they shaved off even 10 lbs (about what it would take off if the frame were alluminum) then thats about 8 horsepower


Sounds like a rumor spread by the ti fastener guys. I've always been told it's more like ONE hp for every TEN lbs lost

Fastkevin: Yep, you are correct. Applying the other quote, if 20 pounds were shaved, that would be a HP gain of 16! A little more dieting and the bike could make twice the HP... :)

You know, I may sound like a whimp, (used to ride a late 80's CR500) but I think that Yamaha would be making a mistake by increasing the displacement of the 426. I believe the tractability would be lost with more cc's added. Although the aluminum frame idea is tempting.


I read the same piece about Yamaha's religion on not using Aluminum frames. But then it seems like I saw a piece about a year ago where one of the mags had a spy type photo of a Yamaha built aluminum framed 426, (unless it was someone else's frame that Yamaha was playing with).

The other debate is the rear suspension. If I recall correctly, the KTM's weight advantage is achieved due to the linker-less rear end.

I'm not sure what I would do with more displacement on this bike, but less weight would sure be great.

BTW - any thoughts on why we haven’t seen similar advances in wheel designs as we have seen in the bicycle industry?

Yamaha has just raced their new World MotoX 500cc class bike with Stephen Everts abord and it's an Aluminium framed 500cc (yes 500cc not 450cc) Four stroker based on the same frame as last years European factory frame (alloy as well but not twin spar style)

I wonder what will happen in Japan come July - August? (production time)


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yea i read the quote in the mag were the actuall creator of the 400,426 and 250f said that they wouldnt use alluminum frames, but i personally think he said that just to deter us from hoping for the frame...i think yamaha has been testing a lighter framed bigger cc bike since about 2000 BUT they didnt want to unleash the technology because then the other company's could build on it...BUT since honda thinks they are one-upping yamaha with the lighter frame and bigger cc, yamaha had a secret weapon, a 450f thats LIIIIIIGHT, and now that hando has basicly got thei bike ready, yamaha is gonna slam em in the first year its out there...boosting sales on the 426 (or 450 as the case may be) because everyone will want the lighter 426. thats basicly my thoughts ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY TO GET MY MONEY! well it worked, lata yall.


BBRguy: Then he should have let himself be quoted as saying..."no comment". To definitively state that Yamaha would not use aluminum as a frame material....all along knowing that this was untrue is a LIE! Maybe he should have taken the route slick willie(no caps due to lack of respect) took and asked for a definition of "aluminum frame". I find this whole thing insulting to me as a buyer and enthusiast.

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