2002 426

My final words at the moment are:

Yamaha will be hurt in the sales game by the release of the Honda no matter how good the 2002 model is. What Yamaha should do is just concentrate on a few asthetic changes as well as reducing weight and getting the bike to start with 1 kick during a race stall situation.

The 250f is a bike that I don't think Honda could beat easily but that's another story.

My 0.02 :)

Here is a thought.. How about an 02 450F top end mounted to that 01 250F. Everyone seems to love the light flickable feel of the 250F.

Beef up the tranny, cast some new cases to accomidate the increased stroke, tweek the ratio's, etc. Good for 20lbs??

Now, Let's go aftermarket shopping.. Carbon Fiber air box, Ti subframe, Ti head Pipe, Carbon Fiber silencer, etc.. Good for 30lbs??

Would that put the weight around 219 or less?

Food for thought eh

Yamaha has generally done their homework before releasing ANY of their new product lines. We all know that these companies (the big 5) do alot of R & D prior to the release of a new product. I was a bit concerned when I picked up my new 98 YZ400F at the end of 97. My main concern was reliability with the new engine and frame. I raced and rode that bike hard for three years and never had a single problem with it.

Look at all of the hype that surrounded the release of the Cannondale. It was even named BIKE OF THE YEAR before anybody even threw a leg over it. That was a smart move on the part of the off road/motocross publications!!! I am sure that Hondog has done far more R & D on this new 4-stroke than Cannondale had done but, it too could turn out to be a white elephante.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Yamaha USA/Yamaha of Japan while a conversation was taking place between Ed Scheidler, Doug Dubach and the head dudes from Japan!!

I agree that shaving some weight off of whatever bike is released MUST be a priority. Whatever Yamaha decides to do, I'm sure they will have done everything possible to produce another great product.



Very good point - you're obviously a business man.


how about a carbon fibre [cr style] frame ,, swing arm,,air box and tank,,, small light wieght electric start,, linkless rear suspension,,, 450cc engine,,, hydraulic clutch,,,,also if someone could teach me to ride with out falling off and breaking bits of myself that would be good,,,, i'd happily pay double for that, ,,,,

but hey id settle for a bit less wieght for now



"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

I think I'll just cut back on the cheeseburgers and weight for the '03s.

Well so much for your so called inside informant huh BBRguy? Were you telling a fib?

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