OT: How to determine a trailer's GVWR?

Sorry to post here, but there does not seem to be a "general" forum to post this kind of information.

Looking at a used open trailer, converted from a boat trailer. 5.5'x14' with metal rails - looks pretty sharp, from the pics I have seen. Title and trailer have no GVWR on them. The guy says he's carried 4 street bikes with it............. but it's only got a 1 7/8" coupler. Can I measure the axle tube O.D. and determine the axle load rating from that? Tires are rated for a total of 3000#, but that doesn't mean the trailer is.

I really want a 3000# GVWR trailer, not a 2000#. The deal is good, but the coupler size has me wondering what this trailer is really rated for. :)

I can not easily see the trailer (except for pics), as it is 3 hours south of me. The seller will be headed up my way on Saturday, so I need to act fast.

Advice appreciated.



Ignore the ball size, three ton trailers with an 1-7/8" ball are common.

The only way to determine the axle rating for sure is to crawl under there and look, although all manufactured trailers should have a GVWR ID plate riveted somewhere.

You could also count the springs, unless it has torsion axles, but you need a point of reference for this to do any good.

OTOH I have no experience with such a small trailer, it could be that they aren't required to plate the weight spec. and it may not even say on the axle.

Sorry, that is the best I can offer. :)

Mark, I'd guess its a 1000# or maybe 1500# at the most. Especially with the 7/8" ball, these are used for the under 3000 trailers. Hey, take a look at http://www.utilitytrailerkit.com/ you may be able ti make a guess with this info or upgrade it to meet your specs witht he hardware these guys have.

Especially with the 7/8" ball, these are used for the under 3000 trailers.

Not sure why I said three tons, I meant 3K lbs. Sorry.

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