Still jumping out of gear

Well I am at a lost. My 2003 WR450 starting jumping out of 3rd gear. I replaced the clutch with a new EBC clutch kit. Still jumped out of gear. Tore the motor down and noticed one of the shift forks were worn and slightly bent. Replaced it with a new one, all new gaskets and seals, Put it all back together and then only had 1st gear. Ripped the motor out again, tore it all down again, and doubled checked the shift cam and all the shift forks. All seemed to be in good shape, rebuilt it all again put it back in the bike, test rode it and have all gears except for 3rd gear, still keeps jumping out of gear. So my question is. Is there something I am overlooking? All the gears seem to be in good shape, and the gear shafts are not bent. Any help or advise with this would greatly be appreciated. On a good note I am getting pretty dam quick at tearing the motor down and putting it back together. Oh I do have a shop manual and followed all procedures as described in it. Any and all input on this would be appreciated.

Thanks Rick

Jumping out of gear is usually worn dogs on the gears...that's the "blocks" on the side of one gear that engage in slots on the other gear. Look at the dogs and mating slots for chips, wear, rounded corners, etc.

Thanks. I will split it apart one more time and have a better look at the gears. I Let you know what I find.


Had the exact same thing on a ktm 525exc that jumped outa 3rd and 4th and it was the dogs,you need main shaft and lay shaft gears of the gears that are worn,luckily ktm gears are cheap in UK.

Checked it out and my gear dogs are worn. Ordered new parts today, hopefully that will fix it. I will keep posted.

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