00 WR400 vs 09 WR450

I have a 2000 WR400 that I have owned for a year and a half. I love this bike. I have put 890 miles on it and I take extra care of it. To me, this bike is bullet proof. I went to my local Yamaha dealership and they have a 2009 WR450 for $6750. I want it but I would have to finance it. $112/mo seems worth it but is it worth getting rid of my 2000? Thanks in advance.:p

better suspension,electric starting, 5 speed transmission and nicer ergonomics. if this is the bike you really want and it is worth the money you have to pay then hell yes. don't forgetthough all the little things you'll have to do to make it truly "yours". you know, jetting, bars, barkbusters, suspension etc. love mine.

Never finance toys!

My rule of thumb is to never finance toys as well. But that is just my opinion.

However I picked up a 2009 WR450 for 5700 cash at a dealership a few months ago. So you can probably get a better deal. They don't want that 09 sitting around.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. I think I'll wait to buy another bike when I have the cash in hand.

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