Free Sound Test and Education Event July 26 Rialto, CA

As of July 15 the forestry department has be instructed to begin strict enforcement of loud bikes. They have been gearing up for this since the new Decibel law came into effect 1-1-03

If your not sure if you bike complies with the new Decibel limits. This is your chance to find out the easy way. If your stopped by the Rangers you risk getting a ticket for anywhere between $50 and $250(Fine amounts are not set yet). If you think your bike might be loud, it most likely is. Better to have it tested before the rangers stop you.

Chris Real, of Chemhelp and Honda Riders club, has volunteered his time and equipment. And will be conducting free tests as well as educating riders on the proper way to have a bike tested for decibel levels. It will be held at the Rialto airport Saturday, July 26. We know this is sort os short notice so a second event will be scheduled if enough interest is shown.

A downloadable flyer is available @

A if you'd like to attend please R.S.V.P. Chris at the number or the email address on the flyer, If you can't make the July date, Let Chris know and we'll plan an additional day. We'd like a big turn out, so let us know

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