XR250r Clutch adjustment after replacement

Greetings All,

I've just replaced the clutch on my 2002 XR250r with a Tusk kit. New plates, springs, side cover gasket, kick start and clutch pull mechanism seals. Clutch stack with fiber and steel plates measure exactly same thickness of OEM plates that just came out. Prior to disassembly, the cable adjustment was mid-way at the handlebar and above the side case. Here's my problem:

With everything buttoned back up, now I have to adjust the cable with every bit of adjustment used up at the handlebar and above the case to get it tight enough to disengage the clutch. There are no parts missing - I didn't miss replacing the thrust washer. I scraped the old gasket off and replaced with a new one. I went as far as putting the old clutch back in, and I had the same issue. The only thing I can say that has been incomplete with the reinstallation, is I haven't yet fully torqued the side cover bolts to fully compress the gasket. But I can't imagine that the thin gasket compresses more than a few thousands of an inch. The case is definitely seated perfectly against the gasket. I used torque achieved with a hand nut driver to test the reassembly. I'm completely befuddled. :p Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Any experts want to take a stab or speculation? The post got a lot of views, but no takers.

Im far from and expert but I had this same issue not 2 days ago. I even placed a thread about it. What I had to do was remove the cover and tighten the spring bolts a little more. It only takes a little bit. Maybe 1/2 or 1/8 turns could do it, but I just adjusted it then put the cover and a few bolts in then see how the clutch felt. It was my first time changing a clutch so I was going in blind but I figured it out eventually. I hope this helps.

Thank you! I'll check that out.

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