Dade City MX what a joke

Three weeks ago we got protested and our bike was within LEGAL LIMITS according to the rules at DCMX but Randy took our points away for the year (although that is not the penalty if we were in the wrong according to DCMX and AMA rules). So last night was the last night in points well my son is the Loretta Lynn national champion and there were beginner riders that took off and left him like he was sitting still. WOW I went to protest the two ridesr that walked off and left the rest of the group. I paid $200.00 to tear the bikes down. I was told by the referee to name a specific part so I named close Ratio transmission. (which happens to be an aftermarket part available to makes these bikes really fast but not stock) After the race Randy Yoho(track owner who don't follow his own RULES) told my husband he was just trying to be a *ick and he was not going to let us tear those two bikes down. WOW again!! He said the part we named there was no such thing !!!! Well maybe as a track owner he should do some research !!!!! I googled close ratio transmission this am and found it !!!!!! THE POINT TO THIS STORY IS AT DADE CITY MX IN DADE CITY FLORIDA RANDY YOHO MAKES UP THE RULES AS HE GOES. HE DOESN'T LIKE CHILDREN AND ONLY CARES ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH WELL WE LOST ALL OUR POINTS AT DCMX BUT WE HAVE THE IMPORTANT THING A #1 PLATE FROM ALL THREE MOTOS AT LORETTA LYNN'S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!! OH ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION WE WERE ASKED NOT TO COME BACK BECAUSE WE PROTESTED OTHER PEOPLE !!!!BUT IT'S OK FOR THEM TO PROTEST US!!!!:p


I concur with everything you say. Randy makes up the rules as he sees them fit. I asked Giff why this week when Vincente was protested, that a specific part had to be named, but when we protested two weeks ago, it was the machine. his answer was, that "when randy is here what he says goes, i cant control that, but when i am here we stick to the rules." i thought that was a chicken shit answer. bottom line is that they need to make their rules clear, or just stick to the AMA rules like their website says. I was on board with tearing down everyone (to include ourselves) in the amateur class. i wanted to see what everyone was bringing to the table, because we knew there were people not playing by the rules.

i was at a crossroads a few weeks back about doing the wrong thing, but i knew that would not make us better than anyone else in the end, so i tried to do the right and legal thing. that is why we protested the green bike that continued to walk away with it.

for them to ask you not to come back, that is complete horse shit. if you question randy in the least, he will just tell you to GTFO. i think that is such a bad way to do business and many others dont even race there anymore because they refuse to give him their money.

all year, we have watched riders on the line suddenly get fast within a week. we all know that no matter how much training you do, a rider progressively gets faster, not just over night. I would have thought that some of the dads would have learned a lesson after the first protests, but apparently last night we can see that the dads still dont care about the rules. the one honda that launched off the line like a rocket and led for a bit, was a mid pack rider all season.....what gives....

I dont come from a motocross background, but seeing all the stuff that goes on at the track, makes me wonder if its worth even racing. i love to see the boys competitive and show their abilities, not who has more money to put in the bike. if i had my way, i would have tear downs of the top three randomly. I come from a road race back ground and organizations like the CCS tear down the top 3 after every race. i think some motocross should do some of the same.

In the end Dylan, which i have so much love and respect IS the National Champ, and he will always be known as the first boy to win that class in history. We will always enjoy that company on the gates. no better kid could have won, humble, respectful, thankful, and no one trains harder than him. he is what all champs should be like.

next year, we will not be back to Dade City. From randy, to the lack of sportsmanship that is there, we will just take our business elsewhere.

your not alone

my kid lost the 50 cc ice racing championship to a kid running a bbr 88 kit in his honda

my kid ran a bone stock cobra 50... tied for points but my son had more heat race wins

we are nobody at that track and the other fam is popular so they gave it to them

my kid told me he could beat that kid any time any where even if he cheats so he knows hes the champ!! I love this guy!!

BUT he said he has no intrest in racing any more...especcially at that track

mabey if enough mini parents would boycott some of these ******** who run these bad tracks they would feel it in the wallet enough to make some changes and run a fair program

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