looking for 5.0 spring

anyone have a stock yam 5.0 spring

Is it the one that comes stock on the WR450? If it is I'm pulling mine off in the next week. You need one?

i think it is : ) yes i do


Is that 5.2 still too stiff???

You must be a very light guy!! :):D

start eating at fast food joints 3x aday......that spring will fit in no time!!!


I dont eat fast food :) ok well maybe wendy's spicey chicken sand :D but im 185 and i seem to fit both springs and wonder if the 5.0 will let me blitz whoops easier and or kick less on braking bumps bike is starting to get close to dialed in and man every frustrating step forward brings even more amazing performance loving it .. p-38 seems to have helped my bog alot now to dial in jetting again lol

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