2003 wr450f plastics?

I just bought a 2003 wr450. Its been modified by previous owners. Right now all I want to do is put new plastics on, and go with a factory headlight shroud. Would also like to install a dual element headlight bulb in to a stock shroud. This bike will be made 100% street legal. I think it allready is, but little things like high and low beams, electric horn, and turn signals would be nice.

So, I found acerbis plastic kits on ebay for 2005 model bikes. Will those fit my 03 model? If not, where do I buy a 2003 specific plastic kit? thanks!


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They will fit

The radiator shrouds are not interchangeable between 2003 and 2005. SIDE COVER ASSY 3 (SKU: 5TJ-21730-00-00) fits 2003 and 2004 WR's. In 2005, Yamaha began to use YZ plastic on the WR's. Call Acerbis, they may still have 2003 kits laying around. Telephone:


Just a little more info. The previous owner said it has yz cams, throttle stop, grey wire mod, and then theres the freed up exhaust. All I can say is it really ripps! This thing pulls like no other thumper I have ever ridden. Yes its geared short because of the small wheels,, but it just flat ripps. Going up hill on a twisty little section called little park road it has no lack of power. Really a fun hooligan bike.

Mostly I just want to replace the acerbis cyclops light with a stock looking unit, or perhaps a baja designs piece,, and the rear fender is a little discolored from flexing alot.

I like the fact that it idles well, and does not stall or bog,, it just.....yeah, ripps!

The entire light assembly from Yamaha is $80.27. The plastic is $36.50. Go to this website and follow the prompts for excellent internet pricing http://www.motogrid.com/

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