wr 450f 5th gear missing???

(wr 450f 2004) i was riding along in 4th then i knocked it up into 5th and as i accelerated, the engine just reved up! if i touch the throttle gently then i can feel that it is in 5th but as soon as i try to accelerate even a tiny bit the engine just revs up.:thumbsup: i've been reading some posts on here and it seems to be a problem with wr 450's around the age of mine. apparently there's 3 parts i need to fix the problem, does anyone know what these parts are? and also why they broke in the first place? thanks for reading. :p

I am presently going through the same problem with my 2003 WR 450. I found the problem. There are 3 shift forks in the transmission. My 3rd one was worn and the adjacent gears are worn also. Not the gears itself, but the gear dogs are rounded off. I tried replacing the shift fork only and still had the same problem with it jumping out of gear.

You are going to have to tear your motor right down, split the crankcase covers and replace the shift forks and two adjacent gears to it. I would advise you check everything out throughly as this is my 3rd time in 4 weeks tearing mine apart. You should have it fixed for about $250. Good luck

I'd rather book it into a shop! I've had enough of working on my engine these days

thanks for the advice mr brightside. i think i will get a mechanic to sort it out. taking the engine out and loosing some off road time is bad enough so i hope to only do it once... for now anyway. :thumbsup: thanks again for your reply.

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