no e/start or lights on my 2004 wr 450f????

i'm no good at electrics so i don't know what to do. the e/start just clicks from under the seat and there's no light at all.:thumbsup: i've had the headlight working and the rear light working but that was with a + and - wire from the battery. any ideas? ps the battery has nearly 13volts in it. cheers. :p

check the wires and grounds for corrosion, including the battery terminals.

When you push the e-start, does the battery voltage drop? To what voltage?

When the bike is running, is the battery voltage around 14.4v? If it's 12.6, it's not charging properly. Sometimes, it's just that time to replace the battery. How old is it?

Assuming that you've had the battery on a charger and know that it is fully charged:

If the relay clicks, you either have a bad connection or a bad battery.

If the lights don't come on, you have a bad connection or a bad battery.

If the lighs come on when you wire directly to them from the battery, you have a bad connection in a 12v wire or a ground.

further looking at the lights:

If you connect a - wire to the lights (leaving the + side as it is) and the lights come on, you have a bad ground.

If you connect a + wire to the lights from the battery (leaving the - side alone) and the lights come on, you have a bad 12v connection somewhere or a corroded 12v wire somewhere.

When you clean the earths, smear on a little dielectric grease on refit. Keeps 'em clean...:p

thanks davidl9999 for the ver

You're welcome. I wish this would be something quick and easy, but electrical problems tend to be a process of elimination. Keep posting what you find and someone might recognize something similar that they found on their steel-frame bike that can help you out faster. Cheers! :p

What year is that battery, btw?

thanks for the very quick reply davidl9999. i'm unsure of the age of the battery, i'll go out in a bit and have a look. i'll also try and see if there is a ground problem.i'll probably pop a load of fuses like i did last time! i'll pop back in a bit and let you know how i get on. thanks again for your help.

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