`00YZ426 tank for a `01 WR426?

Anyone know the answer?

I've tried looking for part numbers to match up but haven't found any solid evidence one way or the other.

I have the `00 YZ and a buddy has the `01 WR. We went riding the other day and he high sided and slammed the tank into a rather large pointed rock punching a hole in the side of his tank. Weird!

At any rate, I have a spare tank the guy I bought my bike from gave me, it's a bigger tank. So I was thinking about giving it to my buddy if it'll fit.

He has to get a header and radiator too, so just trying to see if this would work before he orders the parts. If not he'll have to order a tnak too and might as well do one big order.

I'd run over to his house now and test it out, but we're not that close in distance....

Thanks ya'all!:p

Check out Myler's for the radiator.

Meanwhile, the answer on the gas tank question is that the WR/YZ tanks will only interchange if the seat and shrouds to match are also used.

If you're having problems finding a WR tank, see if Clarke offers one.

Just a thought, he might like the ergonomics of the YZ desert tank and a YZ seat better than the stock WR set-up.

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