Acerbis Tank Installed (Photos)

Okay, I installed the Acerbis tank last week and said I'd post a pic or here what it looks like from the left side:


Closer look same side


This shot shows the opening to reach the choke and hot start - access to the choke is somewhat restricted - but not too bad


Here is the right side


This is the trick machined inlet that can be changed over to a dry-break


Overall the fit and finish is excellent! Tomorrow I ride the thing :)

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Nice fit and finish,your bike looks good.I have the IMS on mine and have been real pleased but mine is the yzf. Hey 2 questions,1 how do you like the steering damper,I mean I know you like it over stock nothing but do you honestly recommend it for the money.Is it really that much of a differance? 2.What brand is your skid plate?I have a works but it fits between the rails and I don't like it,I know it protects my motor but I have my frame powdercoated so I really don't want to booger up the rails either. Again nice bike your reply would be appreciated.

p.s here's my IMS tank fit. ajeff1.jpg

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Jeff - I like the damper - of course - but do I think it is worth the money?? For me yes! I'm getting older than most of you and my bones tend to break, so anything that helps prevent me from hitting the ground is worth it!

I like the bike to steer as quick as possible, so I have the fork tubes pulled up about 12mm, and minimum suggested sag - so I think the damper earns it's money by keeping things stable on the higher speed sections. That's my $.02.

The skid plate is a White Bros. I find the guards that fit between the rails let the frame get smashed over time. I like the way the WB fits over the frame rails and protects the water pump and mag.

Your bike looks very sharp! I love the white. The IMS was my second tank choice - but I was trying to continue to use my radiator guards, and I figured the single mount point of the IMS would get in the way of that. Works out that I couldn't use them with the Acerbis either......oh well!

That looks real good. It doesn't look too bulky like others do. I'd like to see anyone try to change a plug with that on the bike, :) not that you should have to. Yep, I'd say you got a winner.



Nope tank comes off to change the plug. No biggy to me though I've yet to foul one and if I do I have the tank removal time down to about 2 minutes. Thanks for the compliment micheal I like the white too it looks diffrent from all the other 300,000 blue yz's out there. Well thanks for the response on the skid I really like it.Jeff

Yeah I really like the white but being that I'm some what of a bushwacker there more green than white at the end of the day,and boy is it hard gettin it white again. My rear fender is black so I'm thinking on going black on the front and black fork guards I think it will look good with the black rims.

Also no the excell black rims don't scratch easy the only way I see them getting scratched is careless tire removal and maybe long term sand dune riding, mine see about 70 to 90 miles of singletrack every weekend and they dont look it. There also strong as an ox,when getting a flat tire you can ride back from quite a long distance and no damage what so ever. Well I don't want to still micheals post so I'll go now.Sorry to get off topic Mike. JEff

Hey Michael, about that skid plate where did you order it from and how much was it? is it for a wr or yzf or are they the same? I know it's a whitebrothers but there site doesnt list it and they want $9.00 for a dang catalog.Cheep people over there if you ask me. They want you to pay $9.00 to buy there products go figuer! Thanks again!Jeff

Hey AZ Jeff I have put on a wraparound skid plate from (Danny Hamel Racing run by Dave Hamel) Bolted right on using stock skid plate mounts. Around $80.00.

Jeff - let's take this thread where ever it ain't mine, rather ours.

I got the WB plate from a local shop for about $80. I believe the WR/YZF are the same part. I also use DH1 stuff and have found it all very well done.

I like the white too, your bike looks just like mine AZ Jeff except for the seat and graphics. I have a (brownish) opaque IMS, black gripper seat and TJ graphics (but no digicam, scanner or pictures to post). I like the swingarm and black rims, cool lookin’ bike. I was told that the black rims scratch easily, is this true?

The blue plastic shows it age WAY quicker for me, I tend to really scratch and bend fenders and shrouds, and the blue plastic ends up getting pale streaks in it. I did hear that careful use of a heat gun would remove the streaks though.

As for the damper, even motocrossers like them. A must have for off-road IMO, ask anyone who’s got one and they’ll say the same.

Both nice looking bikes. I have the White Bros skidplate and like it. It took about 10 minutes to install and has covers for both the water pump and inginition cover. I highly recommend for you there Jeff, especially since you ride John out there in AZ. LOL


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