Sag setting question 09YZ450F

I checked the FAQ's on this site but could not find an answer for my question. I'm setting the race sag on my bike for the first time. The manual states to remove all compression from the spring, measure it, then add compression. It say's I cannot add more than .51" of compression to the spring. My question is, do I basically adjust the spring like it states in the FAQ section without exceeding .51" of compression? That doesn't seem to be much of an adjustment. I'm probably making this harder than it is but that's how I roll. :p

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If you weigh more than 195 or so in street clothes, you may want to measure the free length of the spring as the manual states. Otherwise, proceed per the two stickies regarding setting the sag and checking the spring rate.

Yup, I'm fat, need to lose some weight. I measured it like the manual said, then started adjusting per the webpage. I think I have it figured out but will most likely need a new spring. Thanks gray.

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