Silencer packing?

Hey guy's I just want to get more opinions on this.I heard that packing a silencer very tight is better and gives more bottom end,But some 2stroke guy's tell me different that I should pack it loosely.What gives? Anyway help would be appreciated.Also which deadens the sound more tight or loose?My BigGun is LOUD! Thanks Jeff.

Oh come on guy's someone has to know!!!!

With a 4-stroke the more back pressure you have the more low-end torque you get. So packing it tighter may give you more back pressure. Which should give you more low end.

I have not taken mine apart so I do not for sure if that will be the case. Judging, by the way my bike shoulds, the packing not doing much.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C


My experience with packing is that you will lose on bottom ,bad throttle response and you'll lose top end also, repack and you will see a big difference.

Riding MX or wood my packing last quite a while, on the ice I've had trouble making it last for a full day at the races, I've tried packing very tight with tungstene wire (almost like stainless wool) over the core and it last longer but you have to break it in, it make lots of noise and not too good on power till it loosened up a bit.

I've had good results with packing kit from EVO, they now have a steel core like the original Yamaha, that's quite good also.

For noise pack not too tight, that's the way it's design to work anyway.


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I have a Stroker rev system on my 426 and Roeseler recommends packing with stainless steel wool. It lasts longer than any fiberglas or other packings I have tried.

It does not change the noise emitted. I have found that fresh packing really makes a difference with performance.I repacked mine about two months ago and it is still in ok shape. Need to repack this week and will tell if any (or how much of it) burned out.


OH MAN! i think i need to repack my silencer. my bike is so frikin loud...even when im BEHIND my friend with his 2001 426 WITH his white bros R series pipe, my bike is so much louder, but its not a stupid loud, its beasty! i almost dont wana make it hard is it to repack? thanx.


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