05 WR 450 Died Running

I just got my 05 WR 450 running after sitting for months (ran fine when I parked it).

Ive only started it twice, and let it run for a short period of time.

The second time I started it (last night) it was idling fine for about 45 seconds. When i went to give it a few revs the headlight died (after market baja design 8" off-road racing light) as well as the taillight. Within a few seconds the engine died too.

When I went to kick it over (no easy button on it right now) the light would even flicker like it normally does, and it def didn't want to start...

Any ideas what the problem could be? Or where I should start? Any help would be really appreciated.

How many months are we talking about here?

Wws the petrol left in the on position?

It was sitting for 5 months or so.

I left the gas on. But have since cleaned the carb.

I'm assuming its a electrical problem? Maybe the stator?

Any ideas guys?

Help me get my bike back up and running for my 4 days off.

Give me something to be "thankful" for. :p

Start with the basics - checked the fuses? Does the run light come on?

Try disconnecting the battery and trying to start it. It is supposed to run without, but won't work at all with a dead battery.

Light doesnt come on with the on/off switch.

Im pretty sure its got a dead battery, but why would it start and then die?

I had no idea that it would run with no battery, but not with a dead battery?

I will disconnect it and see what happens. Thanks for the input.

Any other ideas would be very helpful, but I'll keep my fingers crossed its something easy like a dead battery.

This might sound like a dumb idea, but check the spark plug and your cap. I had this same issue with my bike, went through all of these time-wasting tasks of checking the electrical, carb, etc. Finally decided to pull the tank and check the plug, and it was blacker than a pirates heart. Swapped it out and it started right up.

Check your oil for a fuel smell too

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