Need new boots, what do you wear or what would you buy?

OK, I haven't seen Axo's listed, so I'll throw in my vote for the Axo RC-4's. I originally wanted to buy a pair of Sidi's because of how comfortable they are and how low profile the toe section is. But, my local dealers don't carry them and I didn't want to mail order. So, I popped $150 on some Axo RC-4's and they turned out to be great boots. Very comfy after a couple of break-in rides. Quality also appears to be first rate. Good luck....

I've used AXO in the past and I get 2yrs max out of teh two prs I've owned.I bought some clearanc Tech 7's about 4 yrs ago and they are still in good shape.Im thinking about the A.P. Vectors for my next pair.


I got the Tech 8's in today and they are way to tight. I usually order on size smaller in boots (10), I wear 11 shoes.

They fit so well :) they were to small (smashed toes :D and I only had dress socks on. I ordered 11's hoping they would fit right :D and have enough room for MX socks.

Dang, I was hoping to have them broke in for the weekend :D


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Maybe Kevin was onto something with the slippers.... :)


I couldn't get my calfs into the Tech 8's and they didn't feel comfortable. I weigh 220 and am 6'0'. I know every one says you have to break them in, but I tried the Garne SG1's and love 'em!

Very stiff sole, very comfortable, metal buckles, 50/50 mix between leather and plastic. I highly recommend them.

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