Hebo clutch adjustment

In adjusting the hebo clutch can anyone tell me how do this? When I let the clutch out, it starts ingaging about 1/4 to 1/2 inch out. I would like it to be further. WHat would be the best way to adjust that out??



Sounds to me like you need alittle more free play in the cable. Try adjusting the adjuster screw into the slave cylinder about 1/8 to 1/4" (make the cable sheath shorter) to get the free play. This would move the point where the clutch starts to grab further out away fron the grips (I hope that is whet you were trying to do).

I found on mine that an adjustment like that was easier to do on the lever itself. There is a small adjustment screw on the lever itself that will allow a small adjustment for clutch engagement. If you can't get enough adjustment out of it, follow Michael's steps and do it at the slave cylinder. I rode with mine this past Thursday and what a difference, best money I have spent on a dirtbike. It's easier than my fiancee's 125 clutch and much easier than my buddy's hyd clutch on his 2000 KTM thumper.


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