2011 YZ450F engine

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a complete 2011 yz450f engine? There were guys on ebay who used to sell MX engines such as crf 450s but is it possible to buy the latest yam engine complete?

Curious what you would use this for? I am sure you could get one though.

Only from someone who would have bought a whole bike and parted it out.

You could buy it part for part through an OEM dealer, probably cost around 4K and that's all the parts un-assembled.

You could try service honda, they may have 2010 four stroke frames for their two stroke applications that includes an extra engine.

Try this guy on ebay Member id


Curious what you would use this for? I am sure you could get one though.

Some guys are looking for this engine to put in their quads for racing. The bike engines are always superior to the equivalent quad engine and a number of top racers have started to use the bike engines in their quads. In the case of Yamaha, Laeger Racing have produced an aftermarket quad frame to take the latest "back to front" 450 bike engine. You buy a 450 MX bike to get the engine, you buy the 450 quad to get the running gear and you buy the Laeger frame plus a set of decent shocks and miscelaneous other bits and bobs and build yourself a proper race quad. Total cost probably in the region of 25k . As a serious racer you also need a spare quad so you double up on everything including the cost. What you end up with is 2 proper race quads, 2 complete MX bikes less engine. 2 quad engines, 2 standard quad frames, some miscelaneous quad parts and a large hole in your bank balance. If you were able to buy the engine on its own it would represent a significant saving. I would hasten to add that I am definately not in this market.

The one guy I know with a new yz450f engine bought it from the dealer, and he paid a huuuge price. I have no idea what he's doing with it; still on the small wood pallet in his garage.

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