Forks have little play

2009 YZ450F, when I take off the front tire and hold the lower part of the fork (shiny part) and move it side to side or back and forth, there's a small play.

I always thought you should not be able to wiggle it at all. it is small amount, that it moves not much.

Well, my question is, is it normal?

I can't remember... The inner and outer bushing on the inner and outer fork tubes are supposed to prevent excessive play for a fork tube. If they are worn then you'll have a couple of problems

-bits of teflon from the bushing's entering the the lower shim stack

-Seal life is shortened because of excessive play which can cause excessive wear to the seal.

-If the seal is blown then you'll have even more dirt entering the system.

I just replaced both bushings and the amount of play is the same. I have 90 hours on these forks since brand new.

The play you see at the end of the fork like that is about 8 times the actual clearance in the two bushings, assuming they have equal clearance. When fully extended, the upper and lower bushings are only about 3-4" apart, which lessens their control over the axle lugs by simple geometry. Since fork bushings must have clearance, "some" play is unavoidable.

thank you very much guys.

I replaced bushing anyway since the coating on them was 50% gone.

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