Good online retailer for WR400F

I just picked up a 2000 WR400F.

Are there any online retailers that stock a lot of parts for my WR? I live in Canada, so they need to ship to Canada.

I have found a very limited selection of parts for this bike.

What I'm currently looking for are front springs with a spring rate of 0.50Kg/mm.


Maybe the ThumperTalk store? Or try

I haven't looked into either's non-US shipping; just throwing your way.

yup, TT store...A lot of those kind of parts are interchangeable with the YZ400/426 as well...

These guys have the cheapest parts and shipping to Canada :p

TT store doesn't work so well for us in Canada, shipping is too high.

check race tech - they have what you need plus a handy spring rate calculator.

No dice so far guys. Their spring rates cap out below what I'm looking for.

Matt, that looks like a good calculator. Thanks.

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