Headpipe - stock YZ426F 2001 or aftermarket wanted

For YZ426F - I am interested in finding out if anyone has a 2001 stock head pipe, or even a complete system they want to sell. I have a 2000 model that I would like to be able to have access to the one oil filter cover bolt.

Furthermore, does anyone know if any of the aftermarket systems are available WITH A HEAT SHIELD yet? I have not looked at them since last fall, but I know back then, of 8 or 10 systems on the market, none had a headshield on the headpipe.

Thanks for any insite.


I know were there is a WB e-series, disc, carbon fiber ti. system for 450.00 in excelent cond. ( they sold new for 625.00) call 1-801-374-0602 ask for Arnie,

He also has a 2001 YZ426, in excelent shape for 5300.00 with extra's

have a complete 01' system, perfect condition, make offer...

YZFMAN - my e-mail is:


send to me your e-mail address - please




You can also stud and nut the one bolt that you can't remove.


Dave - that's a very good point. As cheap as I'm trying to get off on gaining a little convenience, I'm going to give that some serious consideration.

I heard the '01 headpipe is made of thinner wall-stock, which is most likely due to the slightly tighter bend radius. The thinner wall stock results in easier denting / bending on impact.

After all the research I did, I'm about 95% confident that the '00 and the '01 have the same headpipe-to-muffler termination/mating points, even though the muffler part numbers are unexpectedly different. Maybe someone else knows more.....

Thanks again for the tip.


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