Drink systems?

Now that I am buying a new chest protector I was considering replacing my drink system with something else. Possibly something that does not attach to the protector but rather straps to my back. This way I would not have the pouch permanetly strapped to the chest protector. Does anyone wear theirs under the chest protector? Any other methods that work in a hare-scramble type event?

Wear my Camelbak on the outside of my roost protector. It has a small pack system with enough room for some food and some necessity trail tools and also holds 100 oz. of H2O. Have taken a few hard spills on it and it actually acts as extra armor. No damage to it, to date. Only bad part about their product is the financial support they give to Sierra Club...hate to fund that cause, but they do make the best drink system :)

Camelback in with Sierra Club...you just talked me out of ever buying one of their products. I don't care how good their stuff is.


You'd be amazed what corporate outfits sponsor the left. Coors supports the gun grabbers! :)

Only bad part about their product is the financial support they give to Sierra Club

You sure about that??There was a thread awhile ago that said it was untrue.I would hope it's untrue and i've seen them advertising in the MX mags.

I got the Blowfish it holds 100oz.It has a zippered expansion chamber for when you need more room.I got last years model for $59.

Camelback 100 ounce over top of my roost with chest and waist straps stay on well and stays cool a long time. More comfortable than a fanny pack. :)

This stuff about Camelbak being in with the Sierra club comes up about every 6 months or so. It has been publicly denied by Camelbak and I have never seen any proof of it on sponser list or the sort. I believe it to be an urban myth.

Camelback Blowfish :thumbsup:Sierra Club :)


That is incorrect, a few months back someone posted a letter / statement by camel back blowing that "URBAN LEGEND" out of the water. THEY DO NOT ENDORSE ANY organization PERIOD.

I use a Camel Back classic 70oz straps to the outside of the protector nice and tight. Love it..

I attached my Camelback to my chest protector. But after some whoops, it pulled the protector down my back when full, and cause the protector front to pull up to my neck. Could not seem to adjust it to work so I went back to the Camelback straps independent of the protector. Takes longer to gear up though.

I think this camel has been beat to death. :)

I attach my blowfish over the back of my Fox Roost protector. The upper strap goes across the front of the chest protector and the lower goes under the chest protector around my fat gut.

The best price I found on CBs were from this place:


I use a Hydro pak 'sic

It was designed for a 70oz bladder, but I am able to put

2- 70 oz bladders in it for those l o n g rides

or enduros.

the key feature of the pack is that it has a zipper all the way around -top,side,bottom so it unzips and fold flat. then I can cram the 2 bladders in

I wear it outside my chest protector

Hope the Camelbak/Sierra Club connection is a myth. They make a quality product and it would be a shame to boycott over hearsay......but you never know what angles these corporate types play to appease the masses! Mine keeps me hydrated and that's all I can vouch for. :)

I was thinking about this. I have a fox chest protector with a roost pack tied to the front of it with zip ties. I was thinking of buying the new 70 or 100 oz unbottle and zip tying it to the back of the chest protector. This gives me the roost pack up front and the water in the back. Would also help to balance the weight. Has anyone tried the new camelbak "unbottle" zip tied to the back of a chest protector? :)

Do you guts use the optional hose with the black cover? It stays right where you bend it to. Its alot easier to get a drink while riding fast.

yea....us guts use the formable cover :). Works pretty damn good although I still slow down a little to drink. Guaranteed to wad it up if I don't!

Ha ha, you know what they say...No guts, no glory!

I use a Hydrapak HipSip 70. A 70 ounce bladder that is in a hip pack. Its got compression straps to tighten it up when the water gets consumed. The weight is not high up on the back which I find more comfortable and the chest protector is not weighed down and digging in to the sides of my neck. It's a lot tougher to damage as well since it has a 2" belt and so far it has held up very well. If I haven't ripped it yet in 2 years, its tough (I tend to fall a lot), my old shoulder pack lasted 2 rides before I busted the strap.

My oldest son wears the Fox Roost 2 over his 70 oz. Camel Back Classic, nice combo.

I wear my 70 oz. Camelback Classic over my jersey which is over my Answer Ultra lite under-roost protector. Although this combo doesn't provide as much protection.

Get the camelbak 'Charge'. It's designed for use under the chest protector and has about a 100 oz bladder. Works great.

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