Front Brake problem.

I have a 2001 yz426 and i had to rebuild the master cyclinder and when i put it all together and but it on the bike the front brake doesnt work anymore. I bled it and everything. I put a new master cylinder on my 2004 wr450 and the same thing is happening. Both the front brakes dont work if you guys have any ideas on whats going on please let me know. Thanks and happy Thanks Giving!!!!!!!!

sometimes you get wierd airlock: try holding the lever back with a zip tie and let it sit overnight with the lever depressed. This should bleed all the rest of the air out

I've had the same problem when replacing a master cylinder; my fix is to back bleed from the caliper. One way is to pry the pads back from the rotor forcing the fluid back up into the master. Another is to use a bleeder and pump fluid back up into the master.

ok i will try these both and ill get back on how it went thanks guys

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