Yz 400 carb missing piece that can't be bought....

Hi to all, I am building a yz426 and a it looking very smart especially the carb, I zinc'ed and nickeled the carb... I know "why" but it does look awesome, problem I have is when you zinc metal parts you should always take nylon off If possible, my stupidity I did not... And resulted in the nylon getting eaten away by the zinc oxide solution, so I need another I have been everywhere and called many carburettor companies and it's not a piece you can buy.... So it seems it's going to be a lathe jobbie... I shall post pictures of the result later today.:p


You do know there are internal rubber parts that cannot be accessed, right? And if the carb was dipped in an acid solution, chances are, they are ruined?

Back to your question - Buy a junk carb for the part you need.

It was ofcourse just the shell, i had completely stripped it all jets and seals replaced and is great, I had made the piece I needed earlier and am very happy with it, fits snug... :p cost me £2 for the piece of aluminium and 1.5 hours to get perfect. afc3bf74.jpgde899ff6.jpgd5adbe4e.jpg

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