Two vs. Four?

I went riding for the first time this year yesturday. The weather here in Michigan is warming up and I just couldn't wait any longer. In some areas, there was still snow lying around. It was muddy in some areas and traction was terrible because the ground is still frozem. Anyways, on to my question.....

I drag raced my friends 2000 RM250 with my YZ426. I popped the clutch in 2nd gear and it hooked up more than I anticipated and I almost flipped, so I let off the throttle and my friend gained about a bike length on me. Then, I shifted into 3rd and went by my friend on the back wheel like he was standing still.

My question is, is the 426 that much faster(off the line) than a 250? Or maybe he's just poor at starts? It seems that the two bikes should be pretty even off the line because they are raced in the same class. Anyone had experiences like this before? Like I said, he could just be bad at starts. Just curious, Thanks



Yes, use the clutch right & you will get better starts. I usually beat all the 250's onto the first turn (unless I screw up)

It's not that the thumper has that much more power,it how that power is displaced acrossed the board

The 426 arent as "violent" as the 250 2 strokes in the power/wheelspin department...thus it puts more power to the ground instead of wheelspin! The 4 strokes are great for muddy starts and cement pads, but about the same on a hardpack starting gate!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

two strokes suck and four strokes truck

it takes more than two strokes to get me off

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