WR450 '08 RaceTech springs are shorter than original...


First sorry my bad english.

Second, congratulations for this magnific knowlegde forum. It's great!

I bought a used WR450 '08. The fork springs have been changed by the previous owner and are very hard for my weight.

I need a 0.46kg/mm springs, and I looked to buy the RACE TECH FRSP444546.

The problem is that according to service manual, the total length of the original springs (unloaded) are of 460mm. The minimum are 455mm.

I measure the springs that are installed now in my bike and these have 460mm length, same as length described in service manual (but aren't the original ones, are harder).

The RACETECH specs says that FRSP444546 (corresponding to WR450 '08) are 450mm of length.

Why are shorter than original ones?

They came in the box with any supplement or preload washer to supply the 10mm difference?

Anyone has buyed a RACETECH springs for this bike?

(I post this question here because I haven't recieved a response from racetech contact mails and some other EEUU shops)...


Just add more washers and you will be fine.

Racetech springs, in my experience with sport bikes, come with washers, and aluminum piping usually. You place a chosen length of piping inbetween the spacers to make up any difference you may need, or to allow for a different preload range than the stock suspension setup allows for.

Thanks for responses.

Someone has purchased it for a ofroad WR450?

Came with any aluminium piping?

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