Suspension adjustment literature

Could someone point me in the right direction. I'm looking for literature or a web page that has a good right up on adjusting suspension and setting it up. I would like something that tells what affect changing compression/rebound, sag, spring rates, fork ride hieght, etc etc etc.. has on the handling of your bike. I thought that I had my suspension tuned well but then my friend set my sag correctly and it made a huge difference. Now I'm wondering what else I can get out of it but I don't really understand how for instance a faster rebound will affect the handling of the bike. Anyways, some help with where I could find some info on this would be great!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I'm like you. I need to read some stuff and learn. I raced on Saturday night and just didn't feel right because I bottomed a few times. I turned all 3 clickers in 2 clicks and it made an unbelievable difference. So, I remembered that I had checked out the following web site and thought it would be good for you to check out too:

Hope it helps., look for - TOO TECH SUSPENSION. - fork tuning page. - basic suspension set-up.

Print them, read them one at a time, think about the concepts, read it again... and most importantly, go out and try changing one thing at a time to feel what's going on. I found the above sources quite helpful... Should you chose to accept the mission,,,, good luck..

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